We are proud of the fact that we are marine refrigeration engineering specialists in the Maritime sector which ensures that our engineers are all fully qualified and have extensive experience of working with marine refrigeration systems.

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Marine Refrigeration Inspections

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Marine Refrigeration Inspections

Our highly trained, highly motivated engineers are committed to prolonging the life of your refrigeration systems… and cutting your company’s costs.

That is the reason why Oceanic Technical Solutions’ expert engineers provide a high quality, environmental inspection service in Singapore, Europe and across the world.

For close to the cost of one cylinder of new generation HFC refrigerant our fully qualified and highly skilled refrigeration technicians will complete operational efficiency and integrity inspections on your vessels’ refrigeration systems including: air-conditioning, provision plants and marine packaged air-conditioning units. We can also accommodate larger cargo cooling systems.

What’s more, our experienced technicians will identify refrigerant leaks and system defects and test safety switches, pressure controls and evaluate overall system performance. They’ll even fix manageable leaks then and there.

By improving efficiency and reducing refrigerant loss this service will give you a quick return on investment, help prevent costly system breakdowns in the future and improve your environmental profile towards your charterers.

• The entire Refrigeration plant is leak tested
• Systems are test run to the optimum efficiency
• Safety switches and controls are tested
• Insulation and pipes are inspected
• System condition is evaluated
• A report outlining system performance issued
• Future repairs & recommendations provided
• Small leaks are repaired and larger leaks are identified
• Basic awareness training for the crew
• Maintenance schedules & logs are reviewed


• Reduces refrigerant costs by reducing refrigerant consumption
• Improves system efficiency & performance
• Helps to avoid possible future system breakdowns or repairs
• Reduces the vessels carbon footprint
• Enhances the knowledge and awareness for your crew
• Identifies system leaks not easily detected by ship’s crew
• Meets regulatory requirements for annual inspections by qualified personnel
• In line with EPA and F-Gas legislation

For more information on Marine Refrigeration Inspections, contact cs.europe@oceanictechnical.com for further enquiries.