We are proud of the fact that we are marine refrigeration engineering specialists in the Maritime sector which ensures that our engineers are all fully qualified and have extensive experience of working with marine refrigeration systems.

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Refrigeration Compressor Overhauls

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Refrigeration Compressor Overhauls

The compressor is the beating heart of your refrigeration plant. And that heart must keep beating.

Its maintenance by Ocean Technical Solutions’ highly qualified specialists can be crucial in saving your company money and serious trouble.

A break-down of the compressor can be very costly in plant downtime, lost provisions and in some cases lost cargo and off hire charges.

The answer to prevent that catastrophe is to turn to Ocean Technical Solutions’ specialists in Singapore, Europe and around the world to save your company money.

Our team operates an Overhaul Maintenance Program which provides schedules and guidelines for compressor overhauls. What’s more an annual forecast on running hours which allows you to schedule compressor overhauls and keep a better control of your budget.

At our shore-based workshops our teams have extensive knowledge, expertise and experience of overhauling the most complex screw and reciprocating compressors. That ensures that, regardless of the size, make and model, we have the capability to complete your compressor overhauls to the exact OEM standard using OEM spare parts and return the unit to the vessel as good as new.

Alternatively our engineers are available to attend the vessel and complete compressor overhauls onboard.

Compressor overhauling includes a complete strip down and clean of the compressor all parts are checked for damage and all tolerances recorded and checked according to manufacturer’s recommendations. The compressor is then rebuild replacing any worn or faulty parts to the exact OEM recommended standard using OEM spare parts.

In cases where rotors or Crankshaft are found to be above manufacturers recommended wear limits these can be precision machined back to the original standard. From a motor rewind to a complete rebuild including a new crank shaft, there are few compressors beyond repair.

Our workshops in the UK and Singapore offer service, overhauling and repair of most models from manufacturers STAL, Sabroe, York, Frick, Gram, Howden, Carrier, Daikin, Grasso, FES. Trane, Mcquay, Mycom, Mayekawa, Bitzer

As part of our commitment to you we can even in some time-sensitive cases supply an overhauled machine on service exchange basis ensuring the minimum amount of downtime for the vessel.

The heart of your crucial refrigeration system will keep beating with Oceanic Technical Solutions.

For more information on Refrigeration Compressor Overhauls, contact cs.europe@oceanictechnical.com for further enquiries.